Visiting Temple Street Night Market


Visit Temple Street Night Market At dusk, merchants have already taken their merchandise and start coming opera singers and fortune tellers. Welcome to Temple Street Night Market, a popular street market, which takes its name from Tin Hau Temple, located… Continue Reading

Pagoda of Six Harmonies


Visiting Pagoda of Six Harmonies Located on the north bank of Qiantang River, Pagoda of Six Harmonies was built in 970 to dissipate swell the river, which was thought to be a manifestation. It was believed that natural phenomena could… Continue Reading

Night of West Lake


Visiting Night of West Lake Night of West Lake. This is a show that reflects the long and splendid culture of the region. Song, dance, opera, acrobatics and stunts are integrated in this action to present rich ancient civilization of… Continue Reading

National Tea Museum Hangzhou


The National Tea Museum Hangzhou The only National Tea Museum Hangzhou in China dedicated to tea. There are exhibits of tea and teaware precious. Beautiful teaware Surrounded by groups of tea farms and has five exhibition halls, the National Tea Museum… Continue Reading

National Silk Museum in Hangzhou


Visit National Silk Museum in Hangzhou Brief introduction: Located at the foot of the mountain Yu Huang in the southern lakeshore world famous west and open to visitors from 26 February 1992, the National Silk Museum in Hangzhou is a… Continue Reading

Museum of Chinese Medicine Pharmacy Hu Qingyu


Visit Museum of Chinese Medicine Pharmacy Hu Qingyu It is the only national museum professional Chinese medicine. Introduction Museum of Chinese Medicine Pharmacy Hu Qingyu It was built on the basis of ancient architectural complex of Hu Qinyu Pharmacy. Visitors can… Continue Reading