Heroes Square


Visit Heroes Square The Heroes Square is one of the most important squares of Budapest. His statues commemorating the founding leaders of the seven Hungarian tribes. Less centrally located in the end of Andrássy Avenue, the main thoroughfare of the… Continue Reading

Gellert Spa


Visit Gellert Spa The Gellert Spa is probably the best known of the city, its main pool has come out in magazines and in television commercials (the classic announcement of “body danone” was filmed there). The Gellert Spa, built in… Continue Reading

Fishermen’s Bastion


Visit Fishermen’s Bastion The Fishermen’s Bastion is a viewpoint at Buda hill on the west bank of the Danube. From the top you can see Pest in all its glory. The construction of Fishermen’s Bastion ended in 1902, after nearly… Continue Reading

Ethnographic Museum in Budapest


The Ethnographic Museum in Budapest The Ethnographic Museum in Budapest (Néprajzi Múzeum) is to publicize the traditional culture of the Hungarian people. The Ethnographic Museum in Budapest building was constructed in 1872 as headquarters of the Ministry of Justice and… Continue Reading

City park, Budapest


Visit City park The City Park, also known as Városliget Park is the place of recreation for aquincenses (adjective of the inhabitants of Budapest). Initially, like many other parks, was a hunting grounds nobility used for years. In the eighteenth… Continue Reading

Citadel Budapest


Visit Citadel Budapest The Citadel is the highest point of Budapest and from it the best views of the city are achieved. It was built in 1854 by the Habsburgs as building surveillance. Citadel Budapest: Views In the area of… Continue Reading

Chain Bridge Budapest


Visit Chain Bridge The Chain Bridge is the best known of all the Danube oldest bridge in Budapest. It is officially known as Bridge Széchenyi in honor of its creator, Count István Széchenyi. Until the construction of the bridge, the… Continue Reading

Central Market Budapest


The Central Market The Central Market in Budapest is the largest of the five markets that opened in the city in the late nineteenth century. The markets were built to control food quality and improve the conservation status of these… Continue Reading

Budapest Parliament


The Budapest Parliament The Budapest Parliament is the most representative building in town and one of the most famous in Europe. It is also the world’s third largest after Romania and Argentina parliament. Built between 1884 and 1902, the Budapest… Continue Reading

Budapest History Museum


The Budapest History Museum The Budapest History Museum (Budapesti Történeti Múzeum) tells the story of Budapest from the Middle Ages to the present day. Due to its location in the Buda Castle, also called Castle Museum. The museum is divided… Continue Reading