Complete List of Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta

List of Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta6

  •  List of Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Special Region, one of 34 provinces in Indonesia is quite famous among the traveler / travelers. The area is located on the island of Java and quite close to Solo and Semarang, Central Java is indeed from the first to have its own privileges. Various sights of Yogyakarta that we can meet in the province. Aside from being a tourist destination, Jogja is one of the destinations of students to study as many universities / colleges renowned contained in this region. such as UGM, UNY etc.

List of tourist attractions in Yogyakarta presented below is very various kinds, ranging from nature with a row of beach scattered in Gunung Kidul, history, museums, shopping, family and much more. Here’s a complete list of existing attractions in Jogja:

List of Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta2

Shopping tour

Jalan Malioboro (the most famous street in the city of Yogyakarta)
Beringharjo – traditional markets
Malioboro mall
Ambarukmo Plaza or commonly abbreviated amplaz
Pakuncen Klithikan market (sale and purchase of new and used goods)
Crafts Pottery Kasongan
Art Market Gabusan
Dowa Knitting bags (bags that are well known to overseas)
Craft Silver home industries
Brown Monggo.
Sunday Morning Jogja

Temple Tourism

List of Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta3

Borobudur (the largest temple in the world)
Prambanan temple
Candi Abang
Candi Ijo
temple Sabisari
Ratu Boko
Candi Sari
Beach tourism

Travel the  List of Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta famous beach in Yogyakarta today is a row of beach scattered Gunung Kidul relatively unspoiled.

List of Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta1

Parangtritis beach
Turkish Indrayanti
Samas beach
Baron beach
Drini beach
Kukup beach
Depok beach
Turkish Ngobaran
Along the coast
Turkish Kuwaru
Turkish Trisik

Natural tourism

The slopes of Merapi (Enjoy riding a bike or Jeep)
Kalibiru – one of the popular attractions in Kulon Progo
Sand dunes in Parangtritis / Samas
Ancient Volcano Ecotourism Region Nglanggeran
peak Suroloyo
Caves Cerme
Caves Selarong
Green Village Gedangsari in Gunung Kidul

Travel Waterfall

List of Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta5

Niagara Gedangan
Waterfalls Goa Cerme
Niagara Tlogomuncar
Waterfall Sri Gethuk
Niagara Parangtritis
Niagara Jogan
Niagara Sidoharjo
Curug Nglinggo
Watu Grojogan Jonggol
Grojogan Banyu Tibo


Yogyakarta palace
Tugu Jogja Golong gilig
Taman Sari
Museum Dirgantara Mandala
Jogja Kembali Monument
and various museums scattered in DIY.

Family travel

List of Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta7

Zoo Gembiraloka
Alun Alun Kidul (Playing odong odong and past the twin trees)
Taman Pintar
Taman Pelangi (garden lanterns in Yogyakarta)
Bukit Bintang (enjoy the view of the expanse of the city lights on the hill)
Kids Fun
Dune sand (Sand dune) beach deacon and parangtritis.
Jogja Bay Waterpark
Upside Down World – Museum of the room upside down in Jogja.
De Mata and De Arca – space travel 3D images and statues of famous personalities.

Tourism Village

List of Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta4

Tourism Village Krebet
Tourism Village Banyusumurup
Kebon Agung village
Tourism Village Pentingsari
Tourism Village Ledok Sambi

to travel frequently be visited by tourists, namely Tugu Jogja, Malioboro, Keraton which is a symbol / icon Jogja. For culinary we can try the rice Gudeg, Bakpia stilt iconic regional culinary Jogja.

If you want to stay, a lot of rows of hotel / inn there inside Malioboro, or it could be to the village Prawirotaman. If you want to try to stay in the hotel with swimming pool in Yogyakarta above the hotel, try deh Indoluxe to the hotel or other. Plan your travel to see the calendar 2017. In addition to the above there may be a new tourist attractions were built in this area. For friends who have never vacation to Jogja, or do not have friends to tour around this town, it is better to use Jogja travel packages provided by tour and travel agents.

After finding out the List of Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta above and wish to travel immediately to the city’s students, we can help with travel packages that we provide. Have a good vacation.

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