Holiday in Verona


  • Visiting Verona

Verona is one of the extremely beautiful and visited metropolitan areas in Italy. It is metropolis that gave beginning to Romeo and Juliet, as well as artists such as Veronese.

Geographically Verona is positioned in the Veneto region, 120 km west of Venice and near Pond Garda, the major pond in Italy. The city is bathed by the Adige river.

  • What to see in Verona?

In Verona there are a lot details of interest quite amazing:

Fine sand

The Arena of Verona is one of the major amphitheatres of the Roman era and the major after the Colosseum in Rome, with which bears a solid similarity. Inside concerts and safari performances are held during the summer.

Elliptical, the dimensions of the Area give an idea of its greatness: 152 yards long and 123 feets wide. Had a capacity of over 25, 500 spectators.


Piazza delle Erbe

Ancient Roman forum, is the best known of Verona square and she is going to find several buildings and a source of great architectural interest. In the Piazza del Erbe a colorful market in the mornings is also installed.

Torre dei Lamberti

Located in the aforementioned rectangular and 84 meters high, this tower is the viewpoint of Verona. That was built involving the 12th and fifteenth centuries.


Juliet’s House

Tradition experience it that this building, the thirteenth century, called Arianne Cappello, was the development of the Capulets (Juliet’s family).

With hundreds of messages of love written on its input, Juliet’s house is one of the very most typical Verona views. The popular balcony was added in 1928. You can also visit his burial plot.

  • How to get to Verona?

The best way to get to Verona from Venice by coach. From your railway station Together with Lucia several trains go away every hour. The Eurostar trains take 60 minutes to arrive and the price is about EUR 23 one way. Right now there are much cheaper local trains that take an hour or so.

If you are touring in an organization or favor more comfort, you are able to choose to rent a vehicle.


Verona on Valentine’s Day

Verona is a city that commemorates Valentine’s Day in style. From day 13 to 15 February, the location is honoring and offers some free and some visits discount for couples.

If you visit Venice during Carnival can match both incidents.

120 km western of Venice.

Simply by train from Santa Lucia Station.

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