The Trastevere is The Nice Place


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Trastevere is one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city. His bohemian and calm air is able to dazzle vacationers while continues to entice regulars Roman citizens.

  • What you should see in Trastevere

Lifestyle in the neighborhood is especially concentrated around the Piazza di Santa Helen in Trastevere, which is the ancient Santa Nancy in Trastevere. The top water fountain in front of the temple is a conference location to relax as well as to get ice cream during the hottest days.

A walk through the narrow cobblestone streets of Trastevere shows hidden treasures like some modest medieval churches, small shops with the most peculiar objects or moments every day life that seem to be sucked from earlier centuries.

Traditional Roman delicacies

Trastevere is among the finest areas of restaurants of The italian capital and is very nice to stroll through their streets, in particular when night comes and dinner time occurs.


Both seek more traditional tavernas, as those who prefer more modern and ground breaking local, they can gratify their desires in Trastevere.

On the west bank of the Tiber.

Tram Trastevere / Mastai, line almost eight.
Bus lines 23, 280 and 780.

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