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Located on Avenida Oblique Street Badajoz, the Torre Agbar (Agbar Tower) is one of the main and representative skyscrapers Barcelona. It is a striking building in the new technological district of Barcelona which has become part of the metropolitan landscape of the city, especially at night, when its facade is packed with light and color.

The curious building, opened in 2005, has 34 floor surfaces and a total of 145 meters, rendering it one of the tallest properties in metropolis.

With a characteristic bullet condition (or cucumber), the building involves 25, 000 cubic yards of concrete and two hundred and fifty, 000 kilos of metallic. The tower has over 50, 000 square metres, of which most work as offices.

The most representative feature of the Torre Agbar is lighted up at night. Home has over 4, five-hundred lighting devices that job attractive images throughout the complete facade.

Although the structure after construction was the subject a vast amount of controversy, today it has become a traveler and cultural icons of Barcelona and city walking tours often include between visits.

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The Torre Agbar is part of the skyline of Barcelona and may track down it from different items of the city. A good time to approach to it is in night, when it is facade is illuminated and colorful dresses.


Avinguda Diagonal, 211.

City: Glories, Line 1.
Coach lines 7, 56, sixty, 92, 192 and B21.
Tram: Glories, line 4.

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