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  • The Upside Down World Travel Jogja

 Tourist attractions in Jogja always increasing time after time. This time there are cool places for you to like that selfie photo Upside Down World Jogja. What makes this place to be a mandatory destination you visit during vacation in this student city. Here are some things that can be summarized by a team of web travel.

Have you ever seen a friend’s photo on your social media, posing upside down in a room? Turns usut calibaration in the photo Upside Down World. Which makes interesting of these new tourist attractions indeed are we going to take pictures like we’re upside down in a room. Yes, indeed place / museum is designed in such a way that it is as if we were in the room upside down. Just look at the photo below. We are seen standing in the room using hand burjo, one of the favorite places Jogja culinary students as hunger.

For those of you who like to upload a photo to instagram or other social media, of this place should not be too far. After the tour there any trends with Love 2 located in Yogya, this travel reckoned to visit. Upside Down World’ve actually never existed in Indonesia, in Bali. On July 4, location inverted photo is present in Yogyakarta.

Here there are 13 rooms with different atmosphere that you can make the spot to take pictures. There is a living room, burjo, dining room, and kitchen, master bedroom and more. So prepare cell phone camera or a good camera for berselfie ria in these attractions.

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  • Address Upside Down World Jogja

Museum to take a picture upside down World Jogja is located at Jalan Ring Road North, Maguwoharjo precisely located near Yogyakarta Tax Office / Opposite the Casa Grande or you can open the google maps app and typing you upside down World Jogja (you can also click this link). Operating hours of this place every day from 10:00 am to 19:00 pm.

  • Admission prices Upside Down World Jogja

To be able to take pictures in places instagrammable this, we have to reach into the wallet of 80,000 rupiah for adults and 40,000 for children (This price is the price at the time this article was written). It is included with the Guest Assistant is officer in charge to direct the same time can help capture the image in this place. So prepare money to be able to go in and take pictures here yes.

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What are you waiting, rather than just at home this weekend, you can go here, Upside Down World Jogja invites friends or family. Oh yes just tips for those who want to come here. Do not come here on a weekend or holiday. Usually sights again famous be very crowded by other travelers. Not bad you right when we awaited by others when we are cool to take pictures of themselves. See also a list of all tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, make so reference vacations student city.

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