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  • Holiday in Torcello

Torcello was the most populated island of the Venetian Republic, with more than 20, 000 habitants, when the mainland inhabitants was forced to take refuge on the island due to the invasions of Lombards and Huns. It retained its hegemony over 1, 000 years, but an outbreak of malaria decimated the human population and power moved to Venice.

Entrance at Torcello is much like the beginning of the second part of “The Godfather”, a very decadent and rural landscape, enlivened by some stalls gifts. That really is like walking back in its record.

A must stop in Torcello is the tub of Attila positioned in the town square. According to popular belief this pebble chair was the tub of the king of the Huns.

Santa Karen Assunta

The Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta is the oldest building in the lagoon. Can be seen in the wonderful Byzantine mosaics of the twelfth and thirteenth hundreds of years. The basilica, founded in 639, still has a portico with arches of the ninth century.

If you wish a good view of the lagoon and take some pictures, you can climb the tower. You can even visit the museum of the basilica.

Next to the basilica is the church of Santa Fosca, between a pentagonal deck.


  • Directions to Torcello

To reach Torcello from Venice there are two options:

Public transport: LN collection vaporetto from Fondamenta Nuove or San Zaccaria. The journey time is about 50 minutes (5 if you catch in Burano).
Tour Castilian: for only EUR 20 per person can book here a trip to Murano, Burano and Torcello with Spanish-speaking guide.

Torcello is 5 minutes of Burano, which can not come to an unvisited the other. It really is highly recommended to spend an early morning browsing and watching these islands.

North of Burano

In Vaporetto from Fondamenta Nuove or San Zaccaria. Line LN.

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